Monday, January 20, 2014

The Challenge of Change

“All that you touch you Change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is Change.God is Change.”

                                                                                                Octavia Butler

Transition, movement, change; some of the most intimidating words in any language.  Not because of what they imply but because of what they require. When we are asked to go through a transition we do not fear the beginning or the end, we quiver in the middle. Our stomachs turn and at our core we are undone. When we are asked to create we do not doubt the vision or its manifestation we find discomfort in the process.  For artists the process is where purpose is forged, fought for, and forfeited.

As an endeavor toward consciousness I strive to stay open to the process of change.  My present comfort often allows me to be swayed into a false sense of security, for which the perils are much greater than ignorance.  The war for understanding is fought at the crossroads of fascination and fright.  At times I am paralyzed by both and enamored by my individual weakness to stand and only stand.  Yet, as I find courage to open my eyes and take in the fullness of the battlefield, I find courage in the actions of other warriors who battle for change.  Day in and day out bodies of truth lay aside their personal needs for the well-being of others and steep themselves in lives not meant for them in order to see their place and play a new position.  Moving as vessels and being moved by a deep desire to manifest meaning we all take to the stage of life and do our best to perform in step, in relation, and in concert with all things that is Gods artistry.

No fear, deep faith, daily change……..

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